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Since 2009, Manas Developers has been crafting beautiful homes for our clients, oering them a slice of tranquillity, where luxury and comfort come together. We take pride in our innovative designs and high-quality projects. The diverse range of styles, aesthetics and functionality that we strive to achieve, allows us to ensure that every project is special.

With several projects in our portfolio, we are Goa’s fastest-growing real estate company. Our properties are seated at beautiful locations, nestled amidst nature in Salvador do Mundo, Neura, Bambolim and Cortalim. If you’re looking for a place in the city, our Miramar Tower and Lotus Towers in the capital city, cater to your needs.

We have been one of the most trusted construction partners to many leading real estate developers in Goa.
Now we have begun to launch our own projects that not only boast superior design and quality but also keep the cost in check, so you can realise your dream of owning your own home.

About The Founder​

Driven by his vision of Manas Developers, Tanmay Kholkar began his humble journey 2 decades back. Coming from a middle class family, he took a leap of faith to achieve  his dream of  redefining real estate. Inspired by his father’s multi-faceted personality, Tanmay went about achieving his dream through hard work, ingenious, marketing , networking and modesty. He is ever inspired by industry Tycoons like the Tatas, Birlas and Goan entrepreneurs such as the Dempos and the Salgaocars.

With Tanmay’s backing, Manas Developers has now become Goa’s fastest-growing real estate company with several luxurious properes across the state. He connues to be inspired by industry tycoons like the Tatas, Birlas and Goan entrepreneurs such as the Dempos and Salgaoncars.

Manas Group

Being a first generation entrepreneur, I knew that I had to create something special with Manas Developers. I had a clear vision from the beginning and along with my team, we were able to stay committed to providing our clients with the best construction quality and architectural design possible. We take this responsibility very seriously and have always made sure to learn and improve with each project we work on. Our goal is always to create homes that our clients will fall in love with

– Tanmay Kholkar

Connect, Collaborate and Create!

Manas Developers has several subsidiaries that specialise in different areas of development. This allows us to offer a complete range of services to our clients, right from conceptualisation to design to execution of the project.

Clean Energy

Manas Group

Arcis Clean Energy

Although the origins of Manas Developers is real estate, the company has a keen interest in promoting a clean and sustainable environment and this was made possible through partnering with Arcis Clean Energy. The partners focus on specialising in cleantech and have worked towards contributing business strategies and growth initiatives of the organisation to build a better environment for all.
Manas Group

Bicycle E Tours​

At Manas Developers, we understand that taking care of the environment is important which is why our company has a vested interest in clean and green energy. Our newest vertical, Blive, focuses on this type of sustainable development. Together, we have supported the travel tech platform that offers unique experiential tours powered by electric bikes. These e-bike tours provide an intimate way to see a new place while also being eco-friendly. Cycling is a simple joy that we want to share with as many people as possible!


Manas Group

Manas Mavericks

Being an avid cricket enthusiast, Tanmay has taken the company to heights by owning the very competitive cricket team Manas Mavericks, one of the only five teams that were part of the maiden edition of the prestigious Panjim Gymkhana Members League (PGML)


Manas Group


Giving back to society is extremely important and it’s something we’ve been passionate about for many years. As a member of Rotary Club of Panaji Midtown, we have been funding the education of students for the last several years. We stay committed to the cause of giving back and through KAYAM Trust, extending assistance to organisations with medical supplies and essentials, through the pandemic to offering support to educational and sports establishments.